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    How to post mixcloud or soundcloud content here

    Zie bijlage voor de informatie... klik op media kopieer, en voeg je link toe...
  2. Herman's Mixen

    Languages used on this site !

    Ladies and gents, We use only Dutch and English as the site languages, if you post in another language the post wil be removed and you will get a BAN-HAMER. We have not much rules here but stick to them, and respect your fellow members by react, like and sometimes share if you like it.
  3. Herman's Mixen

    JammFMRadio Information and Rules !

    Welcome to MasterMixers@Work on JammFMRadio.com. JammFM Radio is all about Funky Groovy Sounds. We are happy to hear that you want to join our team and are looking forward to broadcast you mix creation. Just to prevent misunderstandings we would like to make you aware about our rules. JammFM...