JammFMRadio Information and Rules !

Herman's Mixen

Server Admin
Welcome to MasterMixers@Work on JammFMRadio.com.

JammFM Radio is all about Funky Groovy Sounds.
We are happy to hear that you want to join our team and are looking forward to broadcast you mix creation.

Just to prevent misunderstandings we would like to make you aware about our rules.
JammFM Radio is a radio station located in Malaga (Spain) and we have we broadcast on FM and DAB+ with a coverage of +/- 300KM which covers the whole Costa Del Sol.
Besides FM we have internet listeners around the world.

We need to stick to a certain format to keep our FM frequency. We are not allowed to broadcast music styles like: Techno, EDM, Trance, Moombahton, Urban or DanceHall.

MasterMixers@Work is all about Ultimate Dance.
Every Friday and Saturday we broadcast dance mixes from 20:00 till 05:00 (UTC+1). Our listeners love, House, Tech House, Dance Classics, Re-Edits, Funky Groovy sounds.

You are free to choose your music style. But keep in mind that our listeners like hear a combination of new music and songs they know. Please do not use to many tracks without vocals.

Be aware that JammFMRadio.com and JammFM.nl are different radio stations. We have a mutal agreement that we will not use each others DJs. This to prevent confusion to our listeners. So if you join the team of JammFMradio.com we expect that you will not join JammFM.nl.
Of course you are free to do whatever you feel like but once you are onair on JammFM.nl it automatically means that JammFMRadio.com will not broadcast your mixes any longer.

For other radio stations we have no rules. The more airplay you get will result in, hopefully, in more live gigs. Lets agree that you will not be onair on multiple radio stations at the same time. (Day & Time)

If you still love to join our team then please send your 60 minutes mix to dance@jammfmradio.com, including a short bio, a picture and your social media links so we can create a website profile and introduce you to the other team members.

Your mix can be wav or mp3 but needs to be 320 KB. Please do not use sound processing since your station uses sound processing itself. This prevents audio clipping.